Verdant Tile Co.
Studio Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Tile, Designed within a Historical Tradition  

SUMMER SALE!....BROOCHES! Regular price $25 each. Now $15 until August 31.
(plus shipping and applicable taxes)
Please email with name and label number (eg Peacock Feather B17) to purchase.  If you would like a photo of
the front and back close up please email. Shipping in a padded envelope. Please send address as well.
Art Nouveau Lady B1                                Art Nouveau Lady B2                        Morris Raven B3 SOLD
Running Hare B4  SOLD                              Morris Raven B5 SOLD                                 Morris Fox B6-SOLD
 Morris Fox B7                                        Languedoc Donkey B8  SOLD                      Art Nouveau Lady Flower B9
Gingko B10   SOLD                                         Leaves B11                                        Tawny Owl B12 SOLD
Tawny Owl B13 SOLD                                   Oroborus B14                                                Oroborus B15 SOLD
Peacock Feather B16  SOLD                       Peacock Feather B17  SOLD                    Peacock Feather B18 SOLD
 Three sisters Flower B19                        Poppy B20 SOLD                                            Poppy B21 SOLD
  Poppy B22     SOLD                                       Flowers round B23   SOLD                         Tree B24
  Sheep B25   SOLD                                         Poppy Cat B26     SOLD                               Thistle B27
  Angel Wing B28                                        Angel Wing B29                                        Angel Wing B30
    Bee B31                                                        Running Hare Green B32 SOLD                   Tree B33

Morris Fox B34 SOLD                               Poppy B35  SOLD               Poppy B36                      Poppy B37-SOLD
   Poppy B38                        Poppy B39 SOLD                   Poppy B40                          Morris Raven B41-SOLD