4x12 Inch Tiles
Each 4x12 is $95
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The Chase
Hound & Hares
Hares only
The Chase Tiles. Inspired by Verneiul. Copyright (my version) Verdant Tile
Morris Pimpernel
Shown small flowers and large flowers
Morris Inspired Pimpernel Border. copyright Verdant Tile
The Chase
Hound and Hares
After Maurice Verneiulle
Morris Pimpernel Pattern
Large Flowers
Please choose either large or small flowers
Morris Pimpernel tile by Mary Philpott, after William Morris wallpaper pattern
Poppy Garden
Evening Colouration
4x16 inches
$165 each
Verdant Tile Co.
Studio Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Tile Designed within a Historical Tradition