Tiles Inspired by William Morris & The British Arts & Crafts Movement
This page is dedicated to the works inspired by the father of the
Arts & Crafts Movement in Britain, William Morris.
These tiles are my interpretation of some of his imagery from Tapestries,
wallpapers and paintings.

All the tiles are hand carved and pressed porcelain, fired in a kiln multiple times, and hand
painted with transparent glassy glazes that I have designed.
You may find more tiles inspired by Morris, as well as Willem DeMorgan, Alphonse Mucha
and Maurice Verneuille, throughout my website.

Above tiles:
6x10 in size, $125 each****NO LONGER AVAILABLE, RETIRED SET
are from a William Morris Tapestry with one of his poems:
Peacock ~the beasts that be
Hare~In Wood and waste
Fox~Now sit and see
Raven~Nor ride nor haste

Strawberry Thief
10x12 tile $250
tiles to accompany on the 4x4 and 2x2 pages.


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