Bee in Clover Tile. Copyright Verdant Tile
Bee with Two Clover tile. Copyright Verdant Tile
From Left
to Right:

~Bee in clover


~Bee with Two

Alert Hare



Hunting Hound

Running Hare

Sleepy Fox

Morris Fox

Tree of Life


Pine Cone

Oak Tree
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Swallow in a Cherry Blossom tree tile (face right) by Verdant Tile
Swallow in a cherry blossom tile (face left)  by Verdant tile
Cherry Blossoms tile L by Verdant Tile
Cherry Blossom branch R tile by Verdant Tile
Poppy and leaf tile by Verdant Tile
Poppy and spent flower R tile by Verdant Tile
Poppy and spent flower L tile by Verdant Tile
Poppy by Verdant Tile

~Cherry Blossoms

~Swallow flying in
Cherry blossoms
(face left)

~Swallow flying in
Cherry blossoms
(face right)

~Cherry Blossoms


~Poppy and leaf

~Poppy and spent
flower L

~Poppy and spent
flower R
Three Inch Tiles
$25 each
Verdant Tile Co.
Studio Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Tile Designed within a Historical Tradition