Dragonfly Triptych
6x18 inches
Verdant Tile Co.
Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Pottery & Tile within a Historical Tradition
Sculptural work exploring Flora and Fauna, with a Narrative Inspiration....
Peacock in Wisteria
Peacock Feathers
$125 ea
Set $400
Great Blue Heron triptych
$750 set

Sold separately:
Herons 10x20 $350 ea
Flowering Rush 6x20 $150
Crow in Poppies Triptych
Set $180

Poppies Triptych
Two Trees Mural
Garden of Poppies Triptych
12x20 central tile $350
6x12 side tiles $98 ea

Triptych set $500
Studio of Mary Philpott.
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