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Studio Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Tile, Designed within a Historical Tradition                
Studio of Mary Philpott/VERDANT TILE
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Hand Made Art Tiles & Vessels Made in the Spirit and Philosophy of the Arts & Crafts

My Tilework is inspired by the Landscape, Flora and Fauna of England and France; The Colours of Provence and is mixed with the Aesthetics of William Morris and the
English Arts & Crafts Movement.

All the tiles are made by hand in my Artisan studio. The Tiles are made in a traditional tile making method, all hand drawn, carved and hand pressed with Woodland and
Garden imagery and subject matter. Multiple firings and layers upon layers of transparent jewel tone glazes are all applied meticulously by hand.

The Limited Production studio line of tiles are all designed for installation in fireplaces and hearth, kitchen and bath.


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